Academic Regalia

Preschool & Kindergarten Regalia

Kinder Shiny Cap & Gowns

Shiny Kinder Cap and Gowns are probably one of the most selling item we offer. With a reputation of some of the finest Kinder Gowns, it’s no wonder they are the most popular item.

Matte Kinder Cap & Gowns

Matte Kinder Cap & Gowns are some of the fastest growing sectors of the Scholastic Business. We take pride in developing some of the finest gowns gowns for kinder and pre-schoolers across the country.

Matte Kinder Cap and Gown

Kinder Traditional Stoles

For the cutest kid with the cutest stole. We offer any color and style of steel for preschool and kindergarten

Kinder V-Stoles

From Blanks to Custom, we offer anything you’d want in a Kinder V Stole

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